TOPEND-Force RX 手搖車

$320,000.00 優惠價格$315,000.00

Top End® Force™ RX Handcycle is the most competitive handcycle in the Invacare® Top End® Force™ Series.The Force RX Handcycle is designed to deliver hypersonic speed in a lightweight aerodynamic package. 

The 7005 aluminum heat-treated frame is fabricated with slick one piece side frames, plus the custom reclined frame with adjustable feather weight carbon fiber back is ultra-light and super stiff. The Force RX Handcycle is a completely customized racing machine which includes a SRAM® 30 speed drive train, or you can upgrade to top-of-the-line electronic shifting. Are you ready to force the pace? Get the Invacare Top End Force RX Handcycle!

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